Monday, May 9, 2011

"Songs From My Baby Years": Hungry (Falling on My Knees)


I've decided to start a blog series called "Songs From My Baby Years." This series stems from my most recent post (see below) about continuing to walk in the Lord Jesus as I received Him, and features songs or albums that impacted my walk early on in my Christian life (Colossians 2:6). For me, since music is such a big part of my life, that means pulling out those old songs from the late 90s early 2K, closing my eyes, and letting them stir me up again. You know how sometimes your mom will drag out that old box of toys she's kept in the attic all these years? Every time I see things like that, it takes me back to a time when life was full of delight, free of hardship, and Christmas came once every 10 years. That's kind of what "songs from my baby years" is about: it reminds me of how glorious Jesus Christ was to me at the time of my spiritual birth and helps me continue pressing on...

Hungry (Falling on My Knees) was a song/album that my youth pastor had recommended to me. I had made the decision that, yes, I am now a professing follower of Jesus, and I was hungry for "that thing" that all the other Christians around me had. When I bought it and started listening, Hungry was the first song on the album. I think the words impacted me the most because they described the place I was at in my life: hungry, thirsty, ready, willing, etc. (not to mention, Kathryn Scott was the lead vocalist and to this day can about bring me to tears with her worship ballads.)

Hungry, I come to you for I know you satisfy
I am empty but I know your love does not run dry
So I wait for you
So I wait for you

I'm falling on my knees, offering all of me
Jesus, you're all this heart is longing for

Broken, I run to you for your arms are open wide
I am weary but I know your touch restores my life

The best part about it was that the entire album was live, and every song was good (some of you may recall the songs "Breathe" and "There's No One Like Our God" which also are on this album). Being able to hear all those voices express their hunger and thirst simultaneously was mesmerizing to me. If you haven't heard the Hungry album, check it out on iTunes.

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