Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Post From Another Blogger and Worship

I met with a new friend of mine over lunch at Moe's today.  He and I were discussing how our ministries were going, family life, and other.  We got on the subject of his seminary education and how he decided to enroll.  For him, it wasn't so he could be smarter, it was so he could be a better help to those he ministers to.  One of the ways he's seeking to do that is to try and do things that help them worship outside of the normal Sunday morning worship service.  Think about it: if music directors (or creative arts pastors, worship leaders, whatever you want to call it), only help our congregations worship on Sunday mornings, that's only 1 hour and 15 min out of a 168-hour week!  Can we really expect to help people become worshipers of God in that short of a period of time??  I'm not saying it can't happen, but my friend's point was that there's A LOT more a "worship leader" can do to help their congregation "worship" God than play music on Sunday mornings.  The rest of our conversation will have to be saved for another post, but I thought this post from another blogger is a good example of what it looks like to be a worshiper outside of that 1 hr 15 mins.  It's somebody who's becoming convicted about sin and idolatry on a normal day of the week.  Someone who's coming to new realizations about God and who He is.  Someone who's seeking the Lord and growing when no one else is around to prompt them to do so.  I'm not saying that true worshipers are able to grow without the help of the Body of Christ, because that's not true.  However, they are, to some degree, able to self-feed themselves without someone watching over them 24/7, and that takes good leadership.  Chances are, that person is in a church or has been in a church where the leaders were doing a good job of building week-long worshipers.

Girls, this one's for you!

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