Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap from Sunday 6/20/10

Yesterday was a unique day of worship. Mens chorus led us in music. I especially enjoyed the offertory - "Calmer of My Troubled Heart." Last Wednesday, we discussed during our rehearsal the broad spectrum of emotion this song covers. In the verses, you find yourself praying out of distress and pain. In the chorus, you find yourself singing, "Hallelujah!" I think we see this theme in the Psalms, too, where David offers up his pain...then he worships.

Calmer of my troubled heart
Bid my unbelief depart
Speak and all my sorrows cease
Speak and all my soul is peace


What a comfort it is to be able to confidently bring our pain to our Father!

Another unique part of our worship service was that a good friend of mine, Caleb Gundlach, got his very first preaching opportunity. Using Ephesians 4:17 - 5:2 as his text, he shared with us that the Holy Spirit is always building something, and that something is ultimately the church. So if that's the case, it doesn't make sense for a Christian to try and function apart from the church. We need each other. How silly would it be for a leg to say, "I don't need the rest of the body. I can walk, run and kick all by myself." Same with the Body of Christ. The song Stacy and I sang last week dealt with this issue:

I haven't come for only you
But for my people to pursue
You cannot care for me
With no regard for her
If you love me you will love the church

-Derek Webb

I think Caleb is already a talented teacher, so I look forward to watching him grow and mature in his craft. Great job, bro!!!

I watched the US Open yesterday. I've always pulled for Tiger Woods, so obviously I was disappointed he didn't win. However, I am proud of the guy that did win, Graeme McDowell. Graeme is Irish by birth, but he is an alum of UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham). Before we moved to Florida, Stacy was employeed there as an admissions counselor. We also have multiple friends who have either attended or work(ed) there, so it's kinda cool to have a hometown guy win the US Open. I'm sure that'll be a big pitch from the coaches for future freshmen who are interested in playing for UAB.

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