Monday, August 2, 2010

Current Events

Not much time to post a blog this week. St. Andrews is hosting our annual Vacation Bible School. It's a space theme, so I'm referred to as Choral Commander. Many of our youth and adult volunteers built a replica of a space ship control center which is sitting on the stage. Looks really cool. It has a bunch of Christmas lights strung throughout to make it look more realistic. I'm getting to use my keyboard alot - spacey sounds, trumpet sounds, loops. I'm having fun with it.

In other news, the septic guys came out to our house this morning to start laying a new drain field. Our back yard is completely demolished. I think they had to dig a trench about 5 or 6 feet deep just to unearth the old drains. Good news is these drain fields are supposed to last about 20 years, so hopefully we won't be having another backup anytime soon.

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