Monday, January 24, 2011

Being Like a Bride

It's pretty hard to miss all the bridal shows on television these days. My wife watches alot of them for fun. Unfortunately, I think alot of them are all about the event itself and not about what it should be - the union of a husband and a wife.

That being said, I do think there is something to be said about the way a bride is as she anticipates her wedding day. When Stacy and I were engaged, someone gave her a countdown timer that ticked away the days, hours and minutes. She spent hours looking at magazines and websites seeking to find the perfect flowers and bridesmaids dresses. She labored over the guest list and what kind of food was to be served at the reception. She even gave herself to reading and study of the Word so she could set her heart on God's will for marriage. From the time I popped the question until the day of our ceremony, Stacy's heart was set on the wedding. There was no doubting it. Her behavior showed it. Her heart showed it.

The wedding day was the best of all. Stacy spent hours putting on the finest makeup, fixing her hair, and putting on jewelry. The feast was prepared. The music was playing. The guests were present. When the doors to the back of the church flung open and all eyes were on her, there was no doubt in my mind that Stacy was ready for this day.

Don't you think when Jesus says, "Be on the ready," he's speaking in these terms? Isn't John on to something when he says in Revelation, "let us rejoice for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready"? The Church, the Bride of Christ, is called to "get ready" for the wedding day. Our salvation is the engagement ring. Our Christian life is the preparation for the wedding day. Shouldn't the reality of our engagement to the Perfect Husband leave us excited? Shouldn't we be hastening the day of His coming in our hearts? Shouldn't the reality of our engagement move us to gladly share it with others?

I pray God will help me to see my life in this way.

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  1. thanks for this, Rick. a really good perspective that i hadn't envisioned before. love the picture of you and Stacy, too!