Monday, June 20, 2011

VBS This Week

This week St. Andrews is hosting our annual Vacation Bible School for kids in our church and throughout our community. It's really neat to see the parents who will walk in and register their children, even when they've never attended a Sunday service before. There have been some great stories in the past about how a parent would bring their child to VBS and, as the week progressed, that child start to implement what he was learning in his own home. Alot of times we think of VBS being kid-directed, but it also can have an impact on the parents as well.

This year the focus is on Jonah. This story is so good for me to hear. I often excuse my disobedience. I forget that grace isn't designed to let me continue in my old ways. It's like I can get in these ruts where I'm struggling with my sins, and instead of praying for God to help me obey, I just say, "Lord, please forgive me" and move on. That's only half of it! What if Jonah had said, "Ok, God, I'm sorry for running from you. Now will you leave me alone?" Of course not! Jonah needed to be obedient in order to preach to Ninevah. Plus, don't you think he was a lot happier being out of the belly of the fish? There is JOY in obedience, and when I do as God asks of me, I'm so much more drawn to Him and His Word.

Please be in prayer for this week, that God would change the hearts of the children and their parents!

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